Extraoral Facebows (Pre-Order)
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** Pre-Ordered item, it take up to 75 days for delivery.

551-111  83.0mm

551-112  90.0mm

551-113  97.0mm

551-114  104.0mm

551-115  111.0mm


Universal (inner bow without loops)

Inner Bow Shapes

551-110  Long

551-210  Standard


1 per pack

High Quality Material
High quality stainless steel is used in the manufacturing process of our facebows.

Wide Inner Bow Size Measurement
For accurate selection of the proper size, measurements are based on center of loop to center of opposite loop of the inner bow.

  • Strong, Durable Brazed Joint – Highly resistant to breakage and deformation during length of treatment
  • Smooth Step-Down – Prevents tissue irritation
  • Offset Hooks – The ends of the outer bow are offset to allow for easy attachment of safety release module
  • Outer Bow – Ideal length to match inner bow size
  • Full Form – Except for Universal Versions
  • Note: All outer bows are medium length except Universal Long (Item:# 551-110) which is long length
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